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Wind Turbine Noise

Mercredi 1er décembre 2010 20:30-22:00
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Organisateur : EUCI

On any controversial topic, there is usually a fair amount of both credible and less-than-credible information available to the public.

The development of wind farms is no exception to this rule. One key aspect of the opposition to many wind farm developments is the noise associated with wind turbine generators.

This presentation will explain the fundamentals of acoustics related to wind turbine noise, and on this basis, will assess the validity of the most common arguments for and against wind farms by both developers and community members.

This insight will allow those involved with wind farm developments to make well-informed decisions for streamlining the approval process and also will help to minimize the potentially counterproductive effects of misinformation and misunderstood information.

Key issues such as noise descriptors, regulatory requirements, appropriate setback distances, terrain and atmospheric effects, low frequency noise, infrasound, and health-related issues will be addressed.

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